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Are clogged drains increasingly showing up in your kitchen or bathroom?

If you’ve got an issue with your toilet, or are dealing with the dreaded, slow draining water, or – worse – a deadlocked drain that has left a murky, smelly, standstill pool or water, you’ve got an immediate problem to solve.

As a team of experienced drain cleaning plumbers, we are ready to tackle any drain issue you’re experiencing.

Most Common Kitchen and Bathroom Plumbing Problems

While a clogged drain is undeniably frustrating, it’s beneficial to have an idea of what caused the clog in the first place.

Kitchen Clogs

The kitchen clog could be caused by:

  • Food. More times than not, food washes off dishes and falls straight into the drain. Overtime, these particles can buildup and create a problematic clog.
  • Grease. Grease can solidity and stick to the walls of drain pipes. When this happens, other particles stick to the grease and a clog begins to build.
  • Random objects. Jewelry, small toys and other objects that mistakenly fall down the drain can get trapped and cause a clog.

Bathroom Clogs

The bathroom clog could be caused by:

  • Gummy soap scum
  • Hair
  • Dirt

These particles alone can be problematic; but, when these elements bind together and stick to the walls of drain pipes, a gunk forms and reduces (or stops) water flow.

Drain & Sewer Line Cleaning

It’s incredibly common for a clog to linger or not recede at all. When this happens, you are more than likely dealing with a clog deep in your pipe that is too big for any DIY method. Or, you could be dealing with a larger, more serious issue.

Either way, with our tools and professional eye, we will get your kitchen or bathroom plumbing system quickly up and running again.

Video Pipe Inspections

What is causing the clog? Where is it located? What’s the best clogged drain repair method to employ?

A video pipe inspection can quickly determine the cause of the drainage clog. Once we identify the cause and location, our plumbing technicians can walk you through a discussion of the most efficient and budget-friendly options for unclogging and, if necessary, repair.

Invisible Excavations Kitchen & Bathroom Plumbing Services

To avoid rendering one of your vital household drains out-of-order because the clog won’t subside or seems too stubborn to give way to a DIY method, give us a call. Oftentimes, a clog is just too big for DIY tools and methods. For persistent, unceasing clogs, our professional clogged drain services are always best.

Kitchen & Bathroom Clogged Drain FAQs

What causes Drain Blockage in the Kitchen or Bathroom?

Numerous factors could cause one of your home’s drains to clog, including:

  • Food
  • Grease
  • Random objects, like jewelry, small toys and other objects
  • Gummy soap scum
  • Hair
  • Dirt

Keep in mind that clogged drains in your home can be warning signs of a larger issue, like a main sewer line clog.

What is the best way to Unclog a Kitchen Sink?
Kitchen drains become clogged over time with grease, fats, food waste and more. If your kitchen sink is draining slowly or not at all, you may have a clog somewhere along the line. The best way to unclog a kitchen sink is to have your drains cleaned. We prefer the hydro jetting method for drain cleaning, where high-pressure water is shot through your pipes, washing out all build up and debris.
How do you Unclog a Bathroom Drain?
Bathroom drains become clogged with hair, toothpaste and soap scum buildup. If you’re starting to become frustrated by a slow draining tub, shower, or sink, schedule a drain cleaning to restore proper water flow. Hydro jetting the pipe system, or shooting high-pressure water through, will clear the pipes of all buildup and other bathroom waste.
Is Hydro Jetting necessary for a Kitchen or Bathroom Clog?
Potentially. Because clogged drains can be warning signs of a larger issue, like a main sewer line clog, hydro jetting may be necessary. A video pipe inspection will tell us all we need to know to effectively and safely unclog your drains.

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Invisible Excavations gives great customer service. They were quick, efficient, and helpful with questions that I had. What a great team! They responded immediately to my call.

Linda K.

We highly recommend Invisible Excavations. The crew that came to reline our sanitary sewer were very professional and experienced. They did in one day what we thought would take two days. They thoroughly cleaned the job site . We couldn’t be more happy with the job.

Richard B.

Had basement flooding through a cracked wall and due to collapsed drain pipes around the house. After many estimates with other companies, this one stood out. The work was done in a timely fashion with care taken for the property and landscaping. I highly recommend them! 

Rachel S.

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What is Invisible Excavations' service area?

Invisible Excavations serves several counties surrounding Cleveland and Akron Ohio, including Cuyahoga, Erie, Lake, Lorain, Mahoning, Medina and Summit. If you are slightly outside of this service area, please call 216-741-5131 to see if we may still be able to accommodate you.

Does Invisible Excavations have a payment program?

Yes, we offer a payment plan. We understand that many cannot afford the upfront costs associated with pipe lining – especially if you encounter a problem unexpectedly. To accommodate all customers, Invisible Excavations offers financing.


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