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Excavation services require the right earth-moving tools to carry out the job — and these services must also be executed properly from start to finish to avoid property damage. Hiring a professional contractor assures the proper completion of your job.

Thankfully, our team at Invisible Excavations, Plumbing & Drain, is here to handle your residential and commercial excavation needs. Excavation isn’t just in our blood; it is in our name.

Since 2009, Invisible Excavations, Plumbing & Drain has delivered their plumbing services using only the minimal amount of excavation. Our expertise with trenchless technology allows us to fix your sewer lines within 24 hours with little to no digging.

But there are times you might need more extensive excavation services. Invisible Excavations, Plumbing & Drain can help.

Why Do You Need Excavation Services?

There are a few reasons why your property might need excavation. Often, it has something to do with opening an accessway to repair the plumbing. Sometimes, it has to do with an underground issue, such as connecting cable lines.

Plumbing clogs and leaks may require more extensive excavation, especially replacing piping. If your property doesn’t yet have plumbing or water and electric lines, it may need deep excavation to properly lay a good foundation for these essential utilities.

Or you may have more specialized needs, such as digging the foundation for a swimming pool, basement, or additional structure on your property.

What Are the Signs That You Need Excavation Services?

Piping and sewer line-related problems may call for excavation services. Foul odors emanating from an unknown source or water gushing out of your yard are some of the early warning signs that your piping or sewer lines have either started to clog, spring leaks, or both. These can also be signs that a complete replacement of your piping and sewer system is required.

Short-term problems like snow accruement may call for excavation services, especially when snow threatens some essential part of your structure, such as gas lines or other home lines that provide essential services to your home.

How Do We Conduct Excavation Services?

The first step in our process is to conduct an initial inspection of the property. When we zero in on the problematic areas, we sometimes conduct a sewer pipe inspection.

A sewer pipe inspection involves bringing out a specialized camera on a flexible fiber optic cable called a snake, which we then feed into the opening of the pipe, drain, or sewer. High-resolution footage then streams back onto our screens, which allows us to assess the proper course of action for your problem.

If we determine that excavation is necessary, we inform clients of the associated costs and consult with them about the excavation plan. This plan will outline the width and depth of the operation and where the water and sewer lines intersect. We then inform them about the equipment we will use and discuss how we can prepare the property for work.

Once the excavation is underway, we utilize a combination of earth-moving equipment and physical labor to work fast while considering possible obstructions that might come up in the process.

Do Excavation Services Come With Risk?

Excavation services are a multi-step process involving many factors that have a certain degree of danger. We utilize earth-moving equipment that may cause damage to the underground areas in which we are digging.

Invisible Excavations, Plumbing & Drain is a veteran in trenchless technology, meaning that we only push for excavation if we cannot find an alternative.

If we find that other risk factors may come into play, such as sinkhole dangers caused by the operation, we may opt to delay excavation until coming up with proper solutions to minimize risk.

What Are the Legal Aspects of Excavation Services?

As a service company, we must seek verbal permission from the property owners before we can proceed. Since excavation services require heavy-duty equipment, we may have to give advanced notice to neighboring residences and subdivision authorities to transport and operate the equipment.

Proper consultation to obtain the required legal permits for operating within the area will likely be part of the overall consideration. Invisible Excavations is ready to abide by your local area guidelines.

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Need excavation services for your property? Invisible Excavations is all set to provide you with a summary of the services you’ll need and a free quote.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with Invisible Excavations, Plumbing & Drain, at 216-741-5131 for more information.

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Invisible Excavations gives great customer service. They were quick, efficient, and helpful with questions that I had. What a great team! They responded immediately to my call.

Linda K.

We highly recommend Invisible Excavations. The crew that came to reline our sanitary sewer were very professional and experienced. They did in one day what we thought would take two days. They thoroughly cleaned the job site . We couldn’t be more happy with the job.

Richard B.

Had basement flooding through a cracked wall and due to collapsed drain pipes around the house. After many estimates with other companies, this one stood out. The work was done in a timely fashion with care taken for the property and landscaping. I highly recommend them! 

Rachel S.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Invisible Excavations' service area?

Invisible Excavations serves several counties surrounding Cleveland and Akron Ohio, including Cuyahoga, Erie, Lake, Lorain, Mahoning, Medina and Summit. If you are slightly outside of this service area, please call 216-741-5131 to see if we may still be able to accommodate you.

Does Invisible Excavations have a payment program?

Yes, we offer a payment plan. We understand that many cannot afford the upfront costs associated with pipe lining – especially if you encounter a problem unexpectedly. To accommodate all customers, Invisible Excavations offers financing.


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