Battery Backup for Sump Pumps

Battery Backup Pumps for Sumps

Battery Backup Pumps for Sumps to Keep Your Home Flood Free

A sump pump, like most mechanical utilities, contains several moving parts. Therefore, it’s prone to damages and will eventually stop working altogether. Your sump pump might run more often during the rainy season or under certain conditions that require frequent drainage.

The best way to protect your home from a broken sump pump is to have a battery-powered backup pump to use during emergencies. With battery backup pumps for sumps, you’ll never need to worry about your basement flooding, causing immense damage to your property.

Invisible Excavations is a tried and trusted plumbing and drain service with years of experience repairing and replacing sump pumps. Our team is available 24/7. Reach out to us right away if your home needs emergency sump pump repairs.

Top Reasons for Battery Backup Pumps

Whatever the reason may be, a broken sump pump can cause plenty of problems for you and your family. As industry experts, we want to provide a quick solution whenever this emergency might arise.

Here are some of the key reasons why you might need a battery backup pump:

● Your home is in an area with a lot of rainfall.
● Your home experiences frequent power outages.
● Your existing sump pump is old or doesn’t receive regular maintenance.

A basement flood requires a time-consuming and expensive cleanup. These emergencies can shoot your stress levels through the roof. Depending on your coverage, a basement flood could increase your insurance premium. Not to mention, massive floods can permanently destroy family property and collectibles.

If any of these apply to you, a battery backup pump for your sump could be what you need to protect your home from flooding. Get in touch with our team today to get an upfront quote.

What Causes a Sump to Lose Power?

Numerous things can cause your sump pump to lose power. The most apparent reason is power outage due to powerful winds and rainstorms. However, other things might cut the power to your pump, such as a family member unplugging it by mistake.

Another big mistake homeowners make is buying a sump pump based on the price, and not its capacity. If your low capacity sump pump needs to pump large amounts of water frequently, it’s likely to fail eventually. Even large, powerful pumps can still fail after rigorous use.

One common cause of an inactive sump pump is a faulty float switch. The float switch is responsible for signaling the sump to turn on once the water level reaches a certain height. If the float switch is broken or stuck, your sump can’t activate and drain the water.

No matter the cause, your sump pump losing power can lead to every asset in your basement being destroyed by floodwater.

How Does a Battery Backup Sump Pump Work?

The battery backup sump pump kicks on as soon as your original sump pump stops working. Although sump pumps are exceptionally powerful, the battery backup works as a second-line defense when the first pump loses power.

The battery backup pump is a completely different system than the original sump. It will turn on if the first sump turns off for any reason. Typically, a battery backup pump will come equipped with a control box that runs monthly tests to ensure it’s still functioning properly.

Some battery backup pumps can connect to your smartphone, which notifies you if there’s any unusual activity in your original sump. It’s important to know that you should install a battery backup in addition to your existing system, and not as a stand-alone pump.

Why Work With Invisible Excavations?

As plumbing and drain experts, our collective of contractors continues to pioneer new ways to keep your home functioning the way it should. No matter the day or time, you can call a representative of the Invisible Excavations team and have an expert sent to your door within a couple of hours.

After thoroughly examining the root cause of your problem, our technician will run you through the best options and give you an estimate. We don’t believe in sneaky sales tactics or hidden charges. All of our prices are straightforward and affordable.

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Invisible Excavations gives great customer service. They were quick, efficient, and helpful with questions that I had. What a great team! They responded immediately to my call.

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We highly recommend Invisible Excavations. The crew that came to reline our sanitary sewer were very professional and experienced. They did in one day what we thought would take two days. They thoroughly cleaned the job site . We couldn’t be more happy with the job.

Richard B.

Had basement flooding through a cracked wall and due to collapsed drain pipes around the house. After many estimates with other companies, this one stood out. The work was done in a timely fashion with care taken for the property and landscaping. I highly recommend them! 

Rachel S.

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Yes, we offer a payment plan. We understand that many cannot afford the upfront costs associated with pipe lining – especially if you encounter a problem unexpectedly. To accommodate all customers, Invisible Excavations offers financing.


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