Warren, OH Sewer Video Inspection

When you schedule a sewer video inspection in Warren, OH, a professional can see the state of the pipes and drains in your home’s sewer system. S/he can check for holes and cracks, rust and corrosion, clogs and buildup. The individual pipes running through the house from different rooms are called branch lines, and they all lead to the sewer line, which runs out either to the city’s sewer drain or the home’s septic system. Because many of these pipes are deeply buried, it is imperative to know exactly where a blockage or damaged area is before digging up yards of pipe lines to investigate and solve the problem.

Sewer Video Inspection


What Causes Damage to Pipes and Drains?

The damage that can occur to sewer pipes in Warren, OH includes rusting, corrosion, and blockages. Constantly passing through the pipe system, water’s damaging effect on older iron piping leads to the chemical reaction that creates rust. Water and common household chemicals corrode sewer pipes. And the constant stream of waste matter traveling through the drains and pipes frequently builds up on their sides, gradually clogging them. Damage can also occur from the roots of trees and landscaping shrubs near the house breaking and crushing pipe lines.

Toilets, bathtubs/showers, and the garbage disposal all take their toll on a home’s drains and sewer system. Homeowners should be aware of potential hazards to their pipes. Hair, feminine products, and other non-organic substances should never go into the drains or garbage disposal. These things cause clogs and blocks which back up the sewer water into the home.

There are seasonal considerations with sewer systems as well. Pipes burst in the Midwest in the winter due to the freezing temperatures. With stress from the seasons on the sewer systems in the Warren, OH area, inspections and check-ups are a necessity for concerned homeowners.

Why Should You Choose a Professional?

Sewer video inspection in Warren, OH is a state-of-the-art way to examine drainage systems for these types of damages. Using fiber-optics and recording cameras, professionals can record inspections and detect exactly where damage is located. Once the problem is identified and located via camera, the transmitter on the camera transmits a signal which the technician receives on the outside. The exact spot of a blockage or break is therefore pinpointed both internally and externally. Thus, minimal digging of the sewer lines is needed to correct a problem. Sewer video inspections are cost-effective ways to troubleshoot sewer problems, obviating the need for yards of walls or flooring to be removed to unblock or repair piping. It also is much cleaner, potentially saving hours of cleaning your home after an inspection.

When Should You Get a Sewer Video Inspection?

Homeowners in Warren, OH should get a sewer video inspection when considering a remodeling or expansion project. Before adding lines to the sewer system, they need to know if their pipes have enough integrity to handle additional output. Because buildup constantly accrues and damage can occur at any time, it is wise for realtors and those purchasing houses to get prospective homes checked in order to avoid unpleasant surprises.
Professionals can get a sewer video inspection done in a timely and efficient manner. With the in-and-out service of a preventative inspection, you can rest easy knowing that potential problems will be detected and identified for you early and therefore save you time, money, and trouble long-term. If any issues are found during an inspection, you have an expert on hand to advise you on what next steps to take. Since we all know that an ounce of prevention is a really good thing—if you are in the Warren, OH area, schedule a sewer video inspection with us today!