Sewer Repair In Cleveland Heights, OH

Experts say that most Cleveland Ohio area homes, particularly those built in the 1970’s or even earlier will absolutely require either a sewer repair or even replacement in the very near future. The responsibility to pay for this costly situation typically falls directly on the shoulders of homeowners. The sewer pipes in older homes are typically made of clay that tends to crack, or steel that will significantly rot over time. Once small cracks appear tree roots tend to penetrate the pipe, which in turn creates clogs in the system. In addition older sewer pipes deteriorate and will eventually collapse altogether.

Sewer Repair

Traditional sewer repair and replacement necessitates the need for a contractor to dig up the yard in order to burrow a trench along the pipeline. A large percentage of the Cleveland Heights, OH area sewer repair companies continue to incorporate this outdated method. The use of heavy-duty excavation equipment absolutely increases the cost of the job, due to the high expense of operating and maintaining the machines. Once the job is complete the work begins regarding putting your yard back together. Sewer pipes often run under driveways, lawn, bushes, and flowerbeds to name a few. Anything and everything located above the pipe must be removed in order to reach it for repair or replacement.

The good news is that there are other options available to you. Over the past decade trenchless sewer repair and replacement methods have grown in popularity with both homeowners and commercial property owners. Trenchless methods do not require the use of a backhoe or other large construction equipment to destroy your yard. In fact it is an efficient method that saves time and money when the need to fix or replace your broken sewer line arises. Trenchless sewer repair provides property owners with the ability to get the job done properly while preserving the surrounding areas of the yard.

In addition to being less expensive, destructive, and time consuming trenchless technology actually keeps the new sewer line in one continuous piece. The more traditional sewer repair and replacement methods use sections of pipe, which in turn may lead to future damage such as leaks. There are two trenchless sewer pipe repair and replacement methods.

Pipes that are in decent shape may be relined, however if the damage is too extensive the pipe bursting method is typically performed. A pipe liner, which is also called a cured in place pipe is installed through a flexible resin coated tube that is either blown or pulled through the inside of the existing damaged pipe. With a few hours the resin hardens and in essence creates a brand new pipe that is located within the old pipe.

Although the new pipe is approximately one quarter of an inch smaller then the old pipe it will not negatively affect the flow of waste materials. The pipe relining method only requires one small access hole that will not make a large impact on your yard. The pipe bursting method is performed by pulling a brand new pipe through the old damaged pipe. In essence the new pipe fractures the old pipe outward and into the ground where it can be left to rot away. Small access holes must be located at either end of the sewer pipe. Both pipe lining and pipe bursting are equally durable methods that should last upwards of fifty plus years.

Invisible Excavations has been serving Cleveland Heights, Ohio and surrounding areas for over eight years. Our expert team is highly experienced, and has been trained in the latest technologies. If you own an older home, or are having any problems with your current sewer system, please contact us today for an initial consultation. We are here to assist you with the entire trenchless sewer pipe repair and replacement process from start to finish.