New Methods of Sewer Pipe Repair Mentor, Ohio Residents Should Know About

In Mentor, Ohio, as in many other locations across the Midwest in America, sewer lines keep black water and other wastewater originating from homes from contaminating the local environment. Even when properly maintaining these sewer lines, many homeowners find they still become damaged. This can be from shifts in the soil from earthquakes . The house itself can cause problems as it settles after being built, meaning newer homes can also have this problem. Floods can create movement in the soil, as can heavy equipment moving over the pipe or even nearby. Breaks in the sewer line can be quite obnoxious in their odor-generating capabilities, which is sometimes the first sign that a sewer pipe repair needs to be conducted.

Sewer Pipe Repair Mentor

Another common symptom of sewer pipe problems are drains inside the home will cease to drain quickly, and back-ups of sewer water can occur. Gurgling noises and belching when tubs and sinks drain are also a sign that sewer pipes are damaged. Fortunately, there are a few different ways to do sewer pipe repair.

Light Repairs may Help Delay the Need for More Extensive Work

When you have light damage from tree roots, and it has been discovered in time, before heavier damage has been done, cleaning sewer pipes by cutting back tree root growth and removing other debris, including soil that has been washed in, on a regular basis can be all that’s needed. Sometimes, damage does continue, despite this regular maintenance, and more extensive repairs are eventually required.

Sewer Pipe Repair is Possible Without Excavation

For the past decade and a half, it’s been possible to repair sewer pipes in homes and commercial properties without the need to do excavation work. Instead, a method called trenchless pipe repair has been used since then and with wonderful results. Because it’s trenchless, the amount of excavation work and the usual extensive subsequent damage is greatly reduced, and in many situations, eliminated completely.

The Liner Method

One method is to use a liner that is inserted into the existing pipes. This is a flexible tubing that is inserted and either forcefully blown into the sewer pipe from one end, or pulled in from the opposite end from where it has been placed at. It covers the entire interior of the affected pipe. The epoxy resin on the exterior of the tube cauterizes tree roots, preventing them from growing further, and adhering it to the inside of the sewer pipe itself. This prevents the tube from slipping and keeps any rough spots from becoming areas where waste can become attached and begin to form blockages.

The Burst and Replace Method

Another method that keeps your yard and surrounding areas from being excavated is the burst and replace method. In this, a pipe burster is threaded into the line and positioned so it breaks the broken pipe into separate pieces. These are then removed and another pipe is then fit into place. The area can then be sealed to prevent future damage. Tree roots and other debris can also be removed from the area at that time. This method can also increase the diameter of pipe used if needed. It is much less costly than traditional excavation and replacement pipe repair work.

Sewer Pipe Repair Professional Experts are Only a Phone Call Away

Call us if you have any of the above symptoms and we’ll make an appointment to inspect your home or business’s sewer system for possible problems at your earliest convenience. We have the technicians and equipment that will make t his as painless as possible, and get your home or business back to its healthy state again.