Sewer Lining Installation in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

Sewer lines are a must for most American homes, and those in Cuyahoga Falls, OH, are no different. Frosty weather means icy water and snow are freezing the ground above. Sometimes, because of erosion, the ground is much thinner than it is expected to be, and the constant changes in the weather as the seasons change mean that pips constrict and expand too quickly. Age, as well as temperature changes, can create small cracks. These cracks can become larger quickly.

Because of the water inside pipes, nearby trees are known to be a common problem for deteriorating sewer lines. As they search out for water in the hot summer months, their roots can widen cracks in pipes to even larger sizes, resulting in the need for major, and very costly, repairs.

Sewer Lining Installation

What You can Do to Prevent Sewer Line Problems

To prevent this, sewer lines can be protected with a sewer lining. This is a flexible tubing that is impervious to water, and can line the insides of the sewer pipe. Because it is installed from the source, excavation work is not usually required. This needs to be done early before sewer lines are broken and shattered from the weight of the ground above or tree roots have pushed pieces of pipe around. Excavation work can be extremely costly and time-consuming.

Often, walkways, sidewalks, and driveways need to be removed, heavy equipment is required, and the work area can sometimes be large enough to require traffic to be rerouted. This requires special permits, in addition to the typical building and renovation permits often required. Then, after the repairs are completed, restorative work must be done to return sidewalks and other concrete structures to pre-work conditions.

Signs of Sewer Pipe Damage

Signs of deteriorating sewer pipe are slowly draining tubs and sinks, toilets backing up, loud gurgling noises as water drains out, and backing-up of black water into the home. If these are occurring in your home, rental property, or business, you should have your sewer lines inspected. Waiting can lead to more breakage of sewer pipes, and if too much breakage exists, more pipe will need to be replaced before sewer lining can be installed.

What Happens During Sewer Lining Installation?

Before the sewer lining can be installed, they need to be cleaned. This will include extraction of any pieces of broken pipe, tree roots, and any other debris that has collected inside the pipe. This is the second longest part of the process. The actual installation of sewer lining can happen in a matter of minutes, depending on the type of method used to install the lining.

If there are two access points, the sewer lining can be pulled into place. This is usually done with larger sewer pipes that are often found in commercial settings. For homes, the inversion method is often used. This is the quicker method of the two, of course, but the curing process is the longest aspect of repairing pipes with liners. It can take a few minutes to a few days for curing to complete. It is dependent on the type of pipe, type of liner, and types of curing method used.

Lining’s One Drawback has Its Advantages

One thing to be aware of with sewer lining is that after installation, the pipes and sewer lines containing them should not be snaked. A camera needs to be used instead. This eliminates the risk of damage to the liner. Snaking can rip or tear the liner and result in additional repairs being needed. Cleaning should be done with high powered water flows instead. However, the resin that is coated on the exterior side of the liner will adhere to the inside of the pipe, and keep tree roots from growing further in that area. This eliminates the risk of further damage from roots seeking water, and as the lining is impenetrable by both water and roots, they will seek nourishment elsewhere.

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