Sewer Line Repair Solution Akron

Trenchless Sewer RepairLooking after the infrastructure of your home or building is a huge task.There are so many things that need maintaining and repairing all the time. The plumbing department is also an important part with the whole drainage and pipeline system to keep vigil on. Sewer pipes perform the essential task of removing waste materials but we seldom give it a second thought.

If you’re looking for sewer line repair solution Akron, this article would help.

The Need to Repair Sewer Pipes

Any pipeline including sewer pipes break down with wear and tear over the years. They are also damaged by accidents and weather elements which make them unfit for use. Sometimes the joints start leaking or a part of the pipe collapses down. One of the most common problem of old houses is root intrusion. The roots of trees dive underground and break into the pipe in search of water.
All such problems cause the obstruction of flow of waste materials. Worse, it can leak out or overflow from the outlets in your bathroom. It is not at all a beautiful picture and can mean shutdown of operations for commercial buildings. You should always inspect the health of your pipelines and call a Sewer Line Repair Solution Akron for professional assistance.

Sewer Line Repair Solution

The first step of sewer line repair begins with timely sewer pipeline inspections. A small digital camera is pushed through the sewer system to fins the faulty and leaking areas. After the problem is diagnosed, the professional agency will decide the method of repair and the materials to be used.

Traditional Sewer Line Repair Solution

Traditional ways of sewer pipe repair involves digging the ground to replace or fix the problems. It can be used in areas where trenchless ways are prohibited or not suitable. Sewer Line Repair Solution agencies will do the minimum digging required and try to keep most of your property intact. It is useful for people who are not worried about maintain landscape or gardens.

Trenchless Sewer Line Repair Solution

The modern age has brought the trenchless ways of sewer pipe repair. There is no digging involved other than creating access points to operate the process. There is also no need to manually take out the old pipeline or open up joints, and are mainly done in two different ways.

1. Sewer Pipe Relining Solution

In this process a tube coated with resin is pulled or thrust through the old sewer pipe and inflated. It sticks to the walls of the old pipes and creates a new lining with structural strength of a new pipe after it hardens. The durable epoxy material comes with a guarantee of 10 to 50 years and lasts many years more.

2. Sewer Pipe Bursting Solution

A new pipe is inserted from one end and pulled from the other. The new pipe breaks the outer shell of the existing pipe and takes it place simultaneously. The process requires two holes to be dug up but they are not of significant size.

Post Repair Inspection

A thorough inspection is carried out using the same camera technology in the beginning of the process. The Sewer Line Repair Solution Akron agency will ensure their repair work is effective and done according to plans.