Reasons to Have Sewer Camera Inspection Conducted in Mentor, Ohio Businesses and Homes

There are different reasons people become interested in what’s going on in their sewer line, and it isn’t always because there’s a problem with the drain itself. In Mentor, Ohio, as in the rest of the great state of Ohio, people want to ensure they are getting their money’s worth before spending. Having a sewer inspected by camera can help protect different investments.

Sewer Camera Inspection

Home Buying and Selling

There is a steady supply of home buyers from both local areas and out-of-state locations. These buyers have a right to know before purchasing a home what all defects are. A sewer camera inspection can prove the condition of a sewer line before selling a real estate property, protecting those selling a home or business from damage claims from the parties purchasing the property.

It can also assure purchasers that there are no current existing problems. Sewer line repairs can be costly, and knowing in advance can help sell a home. Traditional building inspections do not include below-ground inspections and having a tape that can be shown to prospective buyers can be very beneficial to home sellers.

Pre-Excavation Work Nearby

If you know that construction work will be conducted by your neighbors, and worry that your sewer lines may be affected, it might be a wise choice to have a camera inspection conducted of your drains and sewer lines. If damage later is found, the previous inspection can be used to prove that the damage was caused by the construction. This can be helpful in court, where evidence on tape is very difficult to refute by the defendant.

Slow Moving Drains, Back-Ups, and Other Sewer Problems

When water is exiting drains slowly, there might be blockages or damaged sewer drains below ground. These may need repair or just simple maintenance. Sometimes, drains will make glugging sounds as water slowly moves past a blockage or other barrier inside the sewer line.
When drains are clogged and impassable, or flood waters are present, black-water can enter into the home. This can be a major health risk and should be dealt with immediately. Backing-up of black-water can also happen when heavy rains have passed through an area.

Other sewer issues can be discovered by foul odors coming from the area in your yard where your sewer line passes under. A depressed area in your lawn is a common signal that the sewer drain from your home has collapsed and is in need of immediate repair.

In the event that your drains are causing problems, it’s very important to have a sewer camera inspection carried out. By doing so, you’ll know what is wrong. It may simply be a grease blockage that can be pushed through, or it may be tree roots that have broken through and are causing problems as waste from your home catches on them and creates problems. If tiles or pipe have been damaged, and there are several different ways that this can happen, a camera inspection can reveal exactly what the problem is.

When You Need a Sewer Camera Inspection, Call Expert and Knowledgeable Professionals

Sewers are used every day, but not considered until they are experiencing problems. These problems are passed onto you, and can threaten your health. To make sure you don’t replace something that only needs minor repairs, or to assure buyers interested in your real estate property, have a sewer camera inspection conducted. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and can help locate, and eliminate, problems in your sewer lines.