Drain Inspection & Drain Lining Service in Canton

Are you having issues with your sewer line? If so, you might want to think about having a professional drain repair company come out and handle the problem. There are many problems that can plague your sewer and drain line system. Because these drain lines are under the ground, you don’t know what the issue is without the help of a professional. If you are having sewer drain issues, these steps will help you find some relief.


Drain Cleaning Services

Five Steps That Will Help Get Your Drain Lines Back to Normal

1. Determine that you have a problem:

If your toilets or sinks are backing up, then you probably have a clogged drain line that needs to be inspected. Also, if you notice your lawn is always wet but you have not watered it in days, then you might have a leaking drain line that needs to be seen about right away. Raw sewage that seeps out of leaking sewer drains can cause serious health and environmental hazards. So dealing with the problem quickly is in your best interest.

2. Have your drain inspected:

After you have determined that you have a serious drain problem, you will need to have your drain inspected by a professional. During a drain inspection, a plumber will use a special camera to look inside of your pipes. They will use the camera to determine the cause of your drain problem and give you a solution.

3. Get a quote:

Once you have had your drain line inspected, you will then need to get a quote on the work that needs to be performed. This will allow you to know the extent of the cost and how long the job will take to complete. Make sure to always get your quote written down for your records. This will also help you to avoid any hidden cost or fees once the job is complete. You also want the person giving you the quote to sign their name indicating that they acknowledge the price. This will protect you from being overcharged and will provide you with evidence in case a small claim needs to be filed.

4. Consider a drain lining service:

Many sewer lines related problems can now be fixed without the need to dig up and replace your drains. Instead, a company that specializes in trenchless repair will be able to line your existing drain lines with new material. This will safely stop the leak and save you tons of money at the same time. While this service is not for every situation, it can help some.

5. Hire the right service for the job:

Once you have gotten a few quotes, now you need to hire the right company for the job. Make sure that whatever company you choose is both insured and licensed. This will help protect you the homeowner in case something goes wrong during the job. Also, make sure to ask any company you hire for references. Any company that is proud of the work they do will gladly supply you with several real references.